5 perfect pre holiday treatments to try at OSLO


Before you jet off to some idyllic, Instagrammably pretty destination where the sand is untouched and the water is the perfect shade of turquoise, it's important to get prepped from head to toe, ensuring you feel your best at all times on holiday. What's more, who's ever said no to a little pre-travel indulgence? With an extensive range of world-class treatments, at OSLO, we endeavour to get the vacation started before you've even hit the runway. From rejuvenating skin exfoliants with Carita to precision waxing with the inimitable Lycon, here we chronicle the ultimate in pre-holiday treatments at OSLO. You deserve it.

Carita Soft Satin Skin Exfoliant

Before you hit the sun loungers - don't forget to pack a decent SPF - a full body exfoliation is a must. With the Carita Soft Satin Skin Exfoliant, the aim is to rid the skin of unwanted skin cells, while you take a much-needed time-out to relax, revealing the softest, silkiest skin underneath that's both energised and suitably nourished. Whether you then follow up with a spray-tan or you bronze naturally in the sun, this will ensure your colour lasts for the maximum amount of time.

Lycon Precision Wax

Waxing is rarely a pleasant prospect, but always necessary come bikini season. However, with our resident waxing guru, Siiri and the best hot wax on the market - Lycon - tending to your bikini line is a walk in the park. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients, and aromatherapy oils, Lycon Precision Wax delivers superb and long-lasting results, removing stubborn hair that's even as short as 1mm. A pre-waxing oil and pliable waxes, applied at low temperatures, provide a virtually pain-free experience. This one's got to be tried to be believed.

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Danne Medi-Pedi

With all the rain we've had of late, this might be the first opportunity you've had in a long time to expose your toes; a pedicure is a necessary luxury. Try the Danne Medi-Pedi for a transformative experience. Relax into the idea that the 'out of office' is now officially on while this 75-minute treatment gently yet effectively swells, dissolves and softens rough, dry and cracked skin, leaving the feet feeling smooth and supple. Finish off by tending to those cuticles before a shape and polish, then put your best foot forward.

Two-Week Gel Polish

But of course you can't tend to the toes and ignore the hands; for a holiday that involves lots of sea swims and pool lounging, your nails will require something as professional and bullet-proof as our two-week gel polish, using the incredible Entity collection.

 2 week gel polish

Carita Lagoon Hydrating Facial

Lastly, as the stress of work begins to leave your body, give yourself a headstart into total relaxation with a Carita Lagoon Hydrating facial, for skin so glowing you'll get compliments before you've left the country. Dive into Polynesian waters and give your skin a burst of moisture. Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness, leaving it radiant and hydrated. It clarifies the complexion and evens the skin tone. A facial so popular, the holiday might not even be necessary.


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