Tips and tricks with make-up artist Aoife Crossan


Meet OLSO Beauty’s lead make-up artist Aoife Crossan. She brings her wealth of experience in the make-up industry having worked for both Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury, along with teaching in the LA Make-Up Academy.

We caught up with Aoife where she shared some top tips and answers some of her most frequently asked questions:

What is your go-to foundation?
I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. It’s simple to blend and gives a beautifully natural finish when buffed in lightly with a brush. Foundation is all about how you apply it and how well you prepare your skin underneath. Moisturising is key. Taking an extra three minutes to apply and blend it properly can give it that lasting effect and flawless finish.

Do you need to invest in good brushes or are they all the same?
I get asked this question so much, and the answer is YES. The softer they feel on your skin, the better they will be at blending your make-up. Sometimes one good eyeshadow brush can do all the work. A soft, pony-tail style brush is a must-have to smoke out your eye-shadow.
Caring for your brushes is as important as quality. As a make-up artist thoroughly cleaning my brushes after every client is vital. For your brushes at home, cleaning them once a week will keep them in tip top shape. Be sure to wash your foundation brush more often. Blank Canvas brushes are fantastic quality and budget friendly.

What is your favourite product to give a healthy youthful glow?
Mac strobe cream without a doubt. It’s a genius product I could not be without it, whether I am backstage or at a wedding. Adding it to the cheekbones or where any lines are beginning to appear illuminates and brightens the skin beautifully.

How can I help dark circles?
Dark circles are an issue for many. Peach and pink camouflage correctors can really help neutralise blue tones underneath the eyes. Bobbi Brown has a fantastic range of colour correctors that brighten and conceal areas that a yellow based concealer cannot tackle. These products are powerful so use sparingly underneath your base.

How do I stop my eyeliner from running or smudging?
For anyone with a tendency to have watery eyes, you need two things. A pot of gel liner and a brush. Stay away from soft pencils as they are too creamy for runny eyes. The two best eyeliners in the makeup industry are Inglot 77 and Bobbi Brown’s black gel liner. These babies do not budge, so you will need an oily eye make-up remover to cleanse.

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