Summer hair care tips from OSLO

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun. We think you are going to love these tips from our head of Hair!


Experience and passion

Hello, my name is Bernadette and I am the new Head of Hair for the Oslo Beauty group. I’ve been working in the industry for 30 years and I love my job. Our clients are like an extended family. Without them, my career would not have been possible. I’ve worked with amazing professionals and gained vast knowledge, which I’d love to share with you. I am delighted to work with the incredibly talented team here at Oslo. Together we hope to bring you some interesting information and useful tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Beat the heat with these hair tips

Let’s start with a few ways to take care of your hair during the summer months. Here or abroad. On those gorgeous hot days use a scarf or a hat when you’re out in the sun. Not only does it protect your hair condition, prevent colour fade but it also helps your scalp to retain moisture.

Wearing your hair up in loose soft styles or messy braids are ideal on sunny days. It will minimize exposure to the sun and prevent damage caused by tight styles that break your hair especially if it’s dry from the sun. Apply sunscreen on your parting and hairline. A burnt scalp is sore and can cause hair loss.

Rinse your hair after being in the pool on holidays. The chlorine will damage the integrity of your hair and potentially change your hair colour. Highly-coloured pools can stain blondes a blue/green tint that’s hard to remove.

Your hair washing ritual

When you’re washing your hair try at least once a week/ fortnight to make it a ritual.  

  1. First, give your hair 2 thorough but gentle washes with your favourite shampoo.
  2. Towel dry your hair well without agitating or rubbing it too hard.
  3. Apply your favourite conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends.
  4. Gently massage your scalp for a couple of minutes while waiting for the conditioner to penetrate.
  5. Now with a large, wide tooth comb work your product evenly through your hair. Combing until you’ve worked out all the kinks and knots.
  6. By the time you’ve done this, you’ve already made a huge difference to the effectiveness of your conditioner. You can rinse whenever you are ready. There is no benefit to leaving it on overnight.

Washing your hair was the timeless excuse that women used in the past when they didn’t want to attend something. It was accepted because everyone knew it took a whole night for that ritual. Your hair deserves it, and so do you.  

And if this is something that you’d love to do but simply don’t have time, we get that. So we designed our Kerastase and Kevin Murphy treatments to fit with your lifestyle.

And since you asked, my own favourite products are Kérastase Bain Chromatique Riche followed by Fondant Chromotique. When my hair needs TLC I use a teaspoon of the Masque mixed with a pump of Ultime Elixir as my ritual treatment. Works every time.


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