LED Therapy: Shine a light on your Skin

LED uses a technology first developed by NASA to help with wound healing in space.


LED light therapy has got to be the most versatile treatment modality available now for facial rejuvenation. LED Light Therapy is safe and works in a non-invasive manner to promote collagen production to improve ageing skin or to calm and improve acne and Rosacea or sensitive skins - in particular teenage acne.

LED uses a technology first developed by NASA to help with wound healing in space. It utilises different light colours that stimulate the mitochondria, re-energise cells and boosts collagen production. The light waves work at a deep, cellular level that produce positive changes to the appearance of the skin.

Since introducing the state of the art Genosys system as part of our more advanced skincare, our clients are experiencing exceptional skin rejuvenation. When combined with home care, it gives them brighter, radiant and firmer skin. It is a great intro facial before embarking on more advanced treatments -or to simply improve the skin's appearance.

The treatment can be used as a stand alone treatment or as an add-one to other facial treatments. The effects of the LED are cumulative, and too often results are noticeable a few days post treatment. To get the best results, it is best to get it done 1 or 2 times per week initially, and then use as part of a maintenance programme.

Every skin is different, therefore the treatment is customised to each skin condition and works best as part of a skincare programme devised by your skincare therapist.

You can book a skin consultation with our therapists to figure out the best program for you.