hairtalk® Tape Hair Extensions

hairtalk® Tape Hair Extensions


hairtalk® is the world’s leading tape hair extensions with 100% Indian Remy human hair.
It is a game-changer if you want that thickness, length or even if you always wanted that curly hair to add some dimension but your natural hair would never hold it.

The big plus is that it’s super quick for those who can’t spend too much time in the salon but still wants the hair looking spotless in less than an hour. They’re super light, painless, and also invisible to the eye so you won’t see or feel any lumps and consequently nobody will know you’re wearing extensions.

No heat machines or chemicals are necessary, it also doesn’t damage your natural hair, and it can be reapplied up to 3 times.

The result is a discreet, fast and non-damaging application that blends flawlessly with your natural hair.

Do you want full head extensions? Or just to fill in whenever your hair feels thinner? Doesn’t matter your goal, come to Oslo for a consultation so we can discuss, match your colour and order your new hair!


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Do I need any hair care before?


What is the haircare after the extensions?


 Can I change the colour of my hair and have the hairtalk® extensions?


How long do I need to wait to wash my hair again after the extensions?