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Skincare for Spring

Winter is about to say goodbye and with that skin that has been cocooned and layered in oils, balms, serums, moisturisers to protect dry, dehydrated and itchy skin is coming to a close. So let's get prepping for healthier luminous skin before summer comes knocking.

Sophia Woods 15 Mar 2019


Autumn & skin

Autumn will soon be in full swing, so by tweaking our beauty regime and eating habits, we can expect better results on our skin without breaking the bank or adding too much time to our busy lives.

Sophia Woods 28 Sep 2018


Antioxidants and ageing skin

Antioxidants are our first line of defense to stop free radical damage. So lets look at a few of the all important antioxidants to get you started.

Sophia Woods 15 Aug 2018