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Tailor-made facial, body and grooming treatments for men.


Indian Head Massage

This ancient healing head massage is designed to relieve tension and revitalise with powerful effects. Includes the neck, shoulders and scalp.
25 minutes, €45

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing massage designed to release tension specifically in the back, neck and shoulders. A combination of firm and soothing strokes are applied to relieve aches and muscle tension, as well as promote overall relaxation.
30 minutes, €50

Swedish Full Body Massage

A deep, rejuvenating full body massage designed to alleviate tensions and relax the tissues. The body immediately feels more flexible and any aches and pains disappear.
60 minutes, €85

Deep Tissue Massage

Specifically designed to ease aching muscles, release tension and alleviate high stress levels, this massage helps to relax, recharge and re-energise. Ideal for sports recovery or before a sports event.
60 minutes, €90


Male Manicure

A relaxing hand treatment to tidy hands and nails. Includes cuticle tidy, nail shape and finish.
30 minutes, €30

Male Pedicure

A refreshing foot treatment including a warming soak, rich exfoliation, hydrating mask and cuticle tidy leaving nails perfectly shaped.
45 minutes, €60

OSLO Pedi-peel

Exceptional results in just one treatment. OSLO’s Pedi-Peel using Bio-Cool foot care products creates a highly charged oxygen-rich environment that kills unwanted microorganisms and viruses. The oxygen rich environment also creates optimum conditions for getting rid of cracked heels and prevents excessive perspiration in the feet. Hardened skin will be softened, leaving the feet feeling smooth and supple.
An Express Pedicure including cuticle work, nail shape and buff is included in this treatment.

55 minutes, €85

Eyebrow Tidy

10 minutes, €15

Half Back Wax

20 minutes, €35

Chest or Abdomen Wax

30 minutes, €35

Chest & Abdomen Wax

50 minutes, €60

Full Back & Shoulder Wax

30 minutes, €70

Full Back, Chest & Abdomen Wax

60 minutes, €90


Man Maintenance – Face & Hands

Face… Sun, wind, shower gel, shaving and life can take it’s toll on your skin. Men’s skin in general is oilier than women’s and a deep clean and exfoliation is an essential part of skin maintenance.

Results: Come away with deeply cleansed, hydrated and healthy looking skin – the smoother the skin, the better the shave. Your therapist will also recommend some products that suit your skin to use at home daily to maintain and enhance these results.

Hands… Men’s hands need routine maintenance. People notice your hands and proper nail and hand care is essential. Walking through life we bang, scrape and abuse our hands in many different ways. From the gym to the garden our hands take a hammering – now it’s time to give them a little TLC.

Results: Healthy, handsome and ready for action.

75 minutes, €110

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